• Keeping children
    safe in education
    for 15 years

  • Keeping children
    safe in education
    for 15 years

  • Keeping children
    safe in education
    for 15 years

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Introducing the Securus Product Suite

We are delighted to introduce you to our suite of online safeguarding products, consisting of Securus XT, Securus NET and Securus 360, designed to meet the requirements of learning establishments of all sizes.

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Securus XT

Our client-based cloud solution retains all of Securus existing high standard of monitoring functionality and much more. Securus XT features a new intuitive user interface that has been developed to help you review and analyse captures more easily. Ease of navigation and our highly visual user interfaces ensure that Securus XT reduces time spent on the capture review process.

Securus XT works on all Windows & Mac computers to monitor all activity, both on and offline. Securus XT can be configured to monitor on a 24/7 basis.

Securus NET

Securus NET resides at network level, to provide enhanced multi-platform safeguarding coverage for ALL devices connected to your establishment by Wi-Fi or other. This includes students’ own devices as part of BYOD schemes such as iOS, Chromebooks & Android.

Securus NET offers a unique solution that can generate evidential screenshots at network level. Securus NET will capture and alert on inappropriate or concerning activity, enabling staff to respond, educate and transform behaviour.

Securus 360

Combines both of our next generation solutions, XT and NET, to provide you with the ultimate 360-degree coverage offering the same high level of user experience.

Ideally suited to secondary schools, colleges and multi-site environments Securus 360 ensures that all activity on your network regardless of device or type of connection is monitored.

Securus Assisted Monitoring Service (AMS)

Delivered in partnership with South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL) and Its4All, AMS provides schools with a full service that monitors, analyses and categorises all online activity along with rapidly alerting you to potential risk. This approach to online safeguarding ensures that your school’s network is constantly monitored by a team of online safeguarding experts provided by SWGfL to ensure that potential safeguarding risks are less likely to slip through the net. In addition our AMS team are on hand to offer expert support and advice to help you to resolve issues using best practice.

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"Keeping Children Safe in Education"


securus enables institutions to meet legislative requirements by instantly alerting staff to incidents of risk while at the same time educating and empowering young people to stay safe online.

Why do schools and colleges need online safety?


Online safety systems now play an essential role in the everyday life of schools and colleges. As young people increasingly become digital natives it is more important than ever before that your school can ensure that learners are kept safe online when they are in your care.

Our software solution, securus, provides your school with the most accurate and easy-to-use online monitoring system. securus has been specifically designed to help your establishment implement and enforce safeguarding policies as well as acting as a deterrent.

By using securus as your online monitoring solution you can ensure that staff can respond quickly and with confidence to potentially serious or disruptive situations, decide on the most appropriate actions to take and define boundaries so that students understand what is expected of them.

Your school’s mandatory legislative duty

Over the past two years new mandatory legislation has come into effect in the UK with the introduction of the Prevent Duty and updates to Keeping Children Safe in Education. Your school is now legally required to have an ‘appropriate monitoring system’ in place and to have a mechanism in place for ensuring that due regard is paid ‘to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism’. Schools with securus in place are deemed to meet these new requirements.

It is now essential that your school meets the stated legislative requirements as part of an Ofsted inspection.

Steve Parkes, I.T. Manager

Alcester Grammar School

“We have set up Securus mainly for safeguarding purposes, rather than because of behavioural issues. The child protection team can monitor students and appropriate action can be taken by those caught by its monitoring software. Securus has been instrumental in safeguarding our students over the past 3 years and alerts us to any misuse on the computer systems. It acts as a deterrent against inappropriate activity. When we implemented Securus, the support engineers spent a lot of time tailoring it to our needs, to ensure we didn’t receive too many “false positives”. We have also added our own specific key words to look out for and the Securus is flexible enough to keep up with the constantly changing world and trends.

The widespread monitoring on our school system has even surprised our own students.”

Why choose securus?


Online safety is not just our business - it is our passion. Technology in itself is not inherently dangerous, but its misuse can pose serious threats to the lives of everyone.

Our mission is to ensure that children, staff and businesses are protected against the wide range of threats that exist in today’s digital age.

Our aim is to promote lasting improvements in online behaviour and the safe and responsible use of new technologies.

Over the past 15 years, we have established ourselves as the market leader in online safety solutions for education with a global footprint.

See our solution

Product Advantages

  • A cloud based solution that supports Windows, Mac and Chrome OS
  • Total reassurance that school networks are safe and secure
  • Provides clear information with easy to read screenshots
  • Reinforces positive messages regarding technology
  • Intuitive to use
  • Simple reporting and management tools keep review time to a minimum, in line with Ofsted requirements
  • Incidents can be grouped by type, risk level, individuals, groups or time
  • Scalability – can support the smallest primary school up to a large university
  • Machine Learning – reduction of false positives with grading of captures