About Us

Founded in 2002, our original objective was to create a solution to the issue of Child Protection in schools. Government initiatives had led to the proliferation of ICT facilities in schools and widespread access to the Internet, meaning that millions of school age children were not only enjoying the benefits of technology but were also exposed to its inherent threats.

Online safety is not just our business - it is our passion. Technology in itself is not inherently evil, but its misuse can pose serious threats to the lives of everyone.    Our mission is to ensure that children, staff and businesses are protected against the wide range of threats that exist in today’s digital age.   Our aim is to promote lasting improvements in online behaviour and  the safe and responsible use of new technologies.   Over the past 14 years, we have established ourselves as the market leader in online safety solutions for education with a global footprint.

We are proud to have on our  team a number of renowned experts in the area of child safeguarding and counselling.  These subject matter specialists are available to provide training in online safety to staff, parents and students.