Key Features

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securus is a online safety system for all educational sectors.

securus is a cloud based online safety solution that monitors learners and staff to ensure they are safeguarded while using your establishment's ICT.

Currently, the most intuitive and effective online safeguarding solution in the education market securus has been specifically developed with a range of key features to make the job of online safeguarding intuitive, easy-to-use and speedy.

Key features

  • Uses cloud technology
  • Fully compatible with Win/Mac/Chrome OS
  • Customised and instant alerts
  • Detects typed & non-typed content
  • Captures both online & offline activity
  • High resolution screen captures
  • Easy installation & configuration
  • Easy-to-use console navigation
  • Robust reporting functionality
  • Central library feed with ongoing updates
  • Flexible profiling
  • Multiple language support
  • Administrator portal
  • Auto software updates
  • Management Dashboard

More about the Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard is a secure web application that provides two functions

Settings, where system and user settings can be set up and amended.

Display, which only allows users to view violations and reports.

Both functions are accessible only by authorised staff and are user name and password protected.
All data and settings are encrypted to ensure that everything is locked down for security.


1. Terms
Authorised staff can add new Terms and change severity weightings in the Library via the Management Dashboard.

2. Alerts
securus provides the facility for nominated members of the safeguarding team to be alerted based on a configurable set of parameters. These email alerts can be sent to one or more member of staff within the school and are set up and managed via the Management Dashboard. Alerts can be configured to highlight severity conditions, specific violations (e.g. cyberbullying) or by individuals or groups (e.g. Year Groups).

3. Configure and Schedule Reports
Designated users can schedule reports and configure them to:

  • Name the report
  • Schedule a time and date at which the report to be run
  • Schedule when/if there is a requirement for the report to be repeated
  • Format how the report is to be created (e.g. pdf/HTML/Excel/csv/rtf/XML)
  • Define email address(es) of recipient(s).

4. Managing Users
securus supports Active Directory synchronisation, which can be administered through the Management Dashboard. Authorised users can set up new users, create groups and allocate specific libraries to individuals or groups of users. It is possible to set up the system to restrict Display access so that, for example, Heads of Year can only view violations by their own Year Group.


1. Reviewing Violations
Designated staff can review violations and associated screenshots. A named individual, such as the safeguarding lead, Head of Year, Child Protection Officer or other responsible teacher, accesses the Vault via the Management Dashboard to view incidents relating to specific violations or inappropriate conduct.

2. Reporting
The Management Dashboard gives users access to a comprehensive range of reporting tools, enabling users to view violations by:

  • ID Number
  • Date/Time
  • User Name
  • Computer Name
  • Term
  • Category
  • Application
  • Source (keyboard or screen)
  • Severity score

All activity that takes place in the Management Dashboard is monitored and a full audit trail is kept of all additions, deletions and changes to the Library, Terms and user profiles