Why Securus?

In 2002, we pioneered the concept of e-Safety, to protect young people in education against the dangers that came with the proliferation of unregulated technology and access to the internet in schools. 15 years later, the wonders of the internet are no longer a mystery to school age children and the internet is part of their everyday lives. But the dangers still persist.  Our solutions have evolved to reflect the fact that young people now see no distinction between their online and offline lives.  Thousands of educational establishments and law enforcement agencies around the world have reaped the benefits of our solutions over the past 15 years and countless children have been protected from bullying, self-harm, grooming and radicalisation.  Of almost equal importance is the fact that millions of pupils in schools have been educated in the safe and responsible use of new technology.

Securus is more than just a provider of market-defining technology. Our support team includes safeguarding experts and trained counsellors who are able to provide our customers with help and advice in dealing with difficult and sensitive situations when they arise. This combination of technology and child safety expertise leaves us uniquely placed to meet the needs of today’s education market.