What is online safety?

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"Keeping Children Safe in Education"


Securus enables institutions to meet legislative requirements by instantly alerting staff to incidents of risk while at the same time educating and empowering young people to stay safe online.

Why do schools and colleges need online safety?


Online safety systems now play an essential role in the everyday life of schools and colleges. As young people increasingly become digital natives it is more important than ever before that your school can ensure that learners are kept safe online when they are in your care.

Our software solution, Securus, provides your school with the most accurate and easy-to-use online monitoring system. Securus has been specifically designed to help your establishment implement and enforce safeguarding policies as well as acting as a deterrent.

By using Securus as your online monitoring solution you can ensure that staff can respond quickly and with confidence to potentially serious or disruptive situations, decide on the most appropriate actions to take and define boundaries so that students understand what is expected of them.

Your school’s mandatory legislative duty

Over the past two years new mandatory legislation has come into effect in the UK with the introduction of the Prevent Duty and updates to Keeping Children Safe in Education. Your school is now legally required to have an ‘appropriate monitoring system’ in place and to have a mechanism in place for ensuring that due regard is paid ‘to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism’. Schools with Securus in place are deemed to meet these new requirements.

It is now essential that your school meets the stated legislative requirements as part of an Ofsted inspection.

How robust is your school’s safeguarding strategy?

Does your school:

  • Have a designated safeguarding lead?
  • Regularly audit online safeguarding measures?
  • Have a robust Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)?
  • Use an accredited Internet Service Provider?
  • Keep an incident log and monitor measures?
  • Handle cyberbullying issues well?
  • Raise awareness of online safety through assemblies etc.?
  • Include online safeguarding measures in your SEF? 

Do your students:

  • Understand the fundamental British values of inclusion and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs?
  • Understand what safe and responsible online behaviour means?
  • Receive online safety education across the curriculum?
  • Get the opportunity to improve their digital literacy skills?
  • Know the SMART rules?
  • Know how to report any concerns they may have?
  • Know the measures that your school has in place to safeguard them when they are online?

Do all your staff:

  • Understand online safeguarding issues & risks?
  • Receive regular training & updates?
  • Know how to escalate issues of concern?
  • Know how to keep data safe and secure?
  • Know how to protect themselves online?
  • Know how to conduct themselves professionally online?
  • Understand how practicing online safety relates to health & well-being?
  • Know the measures that your school has in place to safeguard learners and staff online?

Do your parents & governors:

  • Understand online safeguarding issues and risks?
  • Understand their roles and responsibilities?
  • Receive regular training and updates?
  • Understand how to protect their children at home?
  • Know the measures that your school has in place to safeguard learners and staff online?