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Pioneering online safety for children

Since 2002, Securus Software has been at the forefront of providing online safeguarding solutions to schools. By developing leading edge solutions designed to safeguard young people against online dangers we helped pioneer the concept of online safety.

15 years later, with children growing up as digital natives the Internet is no longer a mystery to young people. In fact, it is their natural habitat. However the dangers identified in 2002 still persist today and continue to multiply as the Internet becomes ever more complex.

Our solutions continue to evolve to reflect this dynamic environment and keep children safe within it. We know that young people now see no distinction between their online and offline lives. In response to this our system has been specifically developed to highlight potential risk taking place online that has real life consequences for young people.

Thousands of educational establishments and law enforcement agencies around the world have reaped the benefits of our solutions over the past 15 years and millions of children have been protected from bullying, self-harm, grooming and radicalisation. We are equally proud of the fact that our solution has help millions of pupils in schools to be educated in the safe and responsible use of new technology.


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