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Pioneering online safety for children

Since 2002, Securus has been at the forefront of providing online safeguarding solutions to schools. We are one of the UK's market leaders in providing online safeguarding and active monitoring solutions to schools. Here's what some of our customers have to say about using our products...

"We have set up Securus mainly for safeguarding purposes, rather than because of behavioural issues. The child protection team can monitor students and appropriate action can be taken by those caught by its monitoring software. Securus has been instrumental in safeguarding our students over the past 3 years and alerts us to any misuse on the computer systems. It acts as a deterrent against inappropriate activity. When we implemented Securus, the support engineers spent a lot of time tailoring it to our needs, to ensure we didn’t receive too many "false positives". We have also added our own specific key words to look out for and the Securus is flexible enough to keep up with the constantly changing world and trends.

The widespread monitoring on our school system has even surprised our own students."

Steve Parkes, I.T. Manager Alcester Grammar School

"We are one of the largest primary schools in Leicester with children from 3 to 11 years of age.

Safeguarding our pupils is paramount and therefore having Securus in place gives us a better insight into what is happening on the network. We encourage our pupils to develop moral and social behaviours and to have respect for others, so by monitoring their activity we can detect any instances that occur on the school devices and take appropriate action."

Tom Benedict, IT Technician Dovelands Primary School Leicester

"Securus has been in place for many years, as safeguarding is a high priority at Berwick Academy. We understand the various ways in which children use the school devices and therefore learning in a safe environment and monitoring them from any incidents that cause them harm is important. We allow our students to take laptops home, when required outside of school hours. To ensure the continued appropriate use of technology, Securus will monitor off site activity and store it until back on the school network, where any captures can be viewed. Our students are from 13 to 18 years old and they know when they log in to use the ICT suite, that any inappropriate behaviour will be flagged and dealt with, which teaches them to use school technology safely".

Eddie Jefferson, ICT Manager Berwick Academy Northumberland

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